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Simian Portal: effortlessly publish and discover your apps.


Simian Portal is the central hub for managing and deploying your Simian Web Apps to end-users.

The Admin Portal enables application configuration and management of application instances.

The User Portal offers an overview of authorized applications and lists any instances of apps currently in progress, allowing users to suitably pause and resume their work.

The frontend application served by Simian Portal to the browser is consistent across all supported languages, ensuring a uniform user experience without any noticeable differences.


authentication and authorization
Access control

Simian portal provides means to authenticate and authorize users.

Authentication is handled through LDAP, AzureAD, or the built-in user management for standalone use.

Authorization is based on user groups and can be configured for each app individually.

multiple front-end versions support
Version aware

Simian Portal serves multiple front-end versions concurrently.

This enables seamless operation of older apps while developing new ones with the latest features.

multiple back-ends
Multiple back-ends

Multiple back-end servers are served concurrently.

Once deployed, simply inform the portal of the app’s location and name, including contact info, doc links etc.

runs out-of-the-box
Runs out-of-the-box

Simian Portal is available as a Docker image for on-prem or cloud deployment.

The image is fully configurable externally, ensuring a quick setup and smooth operation.

admin users
Admin users

Admin users configure apps and upload front-end versions.

This requires no host permissions, allowing the dev team to operate autonomously.

landing page
User portal

The User Portal is your central hub and go-to place for all your apps.

Getting started is just one click away—select an app to start a new instance.

file upload download
File upload/download

Simian Portal supports uploading and downloading of files.

This lets you upload a file for the backend app and download the results later.

continue your work elsewhere
Continue elsewhere

Simian Portal stores the latest status of open app instances.

You can close your browser, while calculations are in progress.

Logging back in, the results will be waiting, even on other devices.



Deploy app
Deploy your app on the back-end server of choice. Multiple back-end servers of different types may be used simultaneously.
Configure app in Admin Portal

Add the app to the portal via the Simian Admin Portal by configuring its backend location, display name, user groups, documentation, etc.

Eligible users now use the app

Upon configuration of the new app, it is now available to the authorized audience. Users can operate multiple instances of the app simultaneously.


Log in

Logon to the portal with your credentials. The list of available apps awaits you.

Start an app

Start an app from the list and get to work. Start that long-running calculation.

Go where needed

Go to your meeting or anywhere else. Just close the browser, the portal tracks your work.

Continue work later

Your previous session remains when you log in again. Just one click and you’re back.