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Simian GUI, an easy way to a web app!


Simian GUI offers an accessible way to create web apps for your Python, MATLAB or Julia models. It provides all the tools you need to define what your web app must look like and what it must do.

Simian GUI unlocks readily available web interface tech like, DataTables and Plotly, enabling you to easily create web apps for complex calculations, manipulation of datasets and result visualization. To move fast from idea to production, Simian GUI introduces an intelligible and intuitive two-pillar approach to app development: building the app, and adding interaction. Use Simian GUI’s app builder or low-code programmatic approach to define your web app, and rely on Simian GUI’s utilities to easily relay triggered web events to the correct callbacks and backend functionalities. Eliminating time lost with API definitions, while upholding a clean separation between browser frontend and headless backend. You focus on your domain, Simian covers the tech.

At runtime the Simian frontend renders the web app you defined in your Python, Matlab or Julia code in your web browser without involvement of front-end developers. The Simian frontend offers a consistent look and feel, and functionality, regardless of your operational mode, be it local or deployed. Craft and develop your app locally, deploy with a single push. To secure your data and IP, Simian Portal adds managed access to your deployed applications.

Simian GUI, your one-stop shop from inception to production.


no web tech approach
No web-tech approach

Conveniently develop web apps in the language you already use: Python, MATLAB or Julia.

No HTML, JavaScript, or CSS knowledge is required to create full-fledged web apps. Drag and drop UI components on your canvas, connect your backend and deploy with a single push.

standardized frontend
Dynamic frontend

The Simian frontend interprets your web app definition and generates the content for your web browser.

Simian unlocks proven web UI technology like, DataTables, and Plotly, providing a rich and ever growing UI ecosystem.

simple event handling
Simple event routing

All frontend events are processed by the web app’s centralized event handling functionality.

Use the documented event routing utilities to communicate with your backend with confidence. Regardless of UI element type or data content.

Simian GUI - Built-In Consistency
Built-in consistency

Enjoy consistency in web app functionality and look & feel.

Simian inherently aligns:

  • Backend languages.
  • Browsers.
  • Modes of operation:
    local & deployed.
debug web app
Prototype your web app

Develop, test and debug your web app safely and locally on your own machine.

Iterate your designs and prototype functionality with easy, and only deploy when you feel ready.

easy deployment
Easy deployment

Just one short, well-documented entry-point is needed to make the deployed backend code accessible from your Simian app.

You Focus on your business. Simian takes care of the API definitions and the web tech.


How it works

Building your web app

First import the Simian GUI libraries.

Then low-code your app or use the drag-and-drop Simian Builder.

Finally add a event handling function to define frontend to backend interaction.

Running your web app

At runtime, the GUI definition is generated based on the spec returned by your Simian web app.

Either in local or deployed mode, this definition is rendered in a web browser, ready for interactive use.

Handling interaction

Events triggered by the app’s browser controls are propagated to Simian GUI.

The unified event handler invokes the intended backend functionality, to perform the specified math and operations.

Updating web app

Upon completion of backend operations, intermediate results are stored and GUI update content is propagated back.

The unified handler transmits the payload to update the app in your browser.