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More about Simian

Launched in 2019, Simian found its way to a variety of industries, disciplines, across languages, bridging business and IT.

To name a few, innovative pricing applications and regulatory reporting tools for several Netherlands’ tier-1 banks have been developed and deployed using Simian. Beyond the world of Finance, Simian has for example been used for the development and deployment of a marine propulsion design tool.


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Simian GUI

Frontend Builder

Rich UI component ecosystem.

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Simian Wrapper

Backend Builder

Data integration and governance.

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Simian Portal

App launch portal

Authorized and authenticated access.

Supported Platforms

Benefit from Simian’s turnkey deployment solutions including OwnR by Functional Analytics for Python and Julia, or MATLAB Production Server by MathWorks.

Alternatively, host Simian apps on any platform with a REST interface such as Flask, Azure Functions and AWS Lambda. Contact us to discuss options for your existing infrastructure.