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Create apps for free. Only pay when you deploy.

Whether you are a solo freelancer or a large corporation, we offer the ideal plan for your needs.


Build your awesome apps for free.

Local use

Key features

✓ Build unlimited apps

✓ Using all libraries

✓ Community support


For freelancers or small businesses.

Simian Portal servers  1

Deployed web apps  5

Web app end-users  ∞

FREE plus

✓ Local user management

✓ 1st line tech support



For medium sized businesses or corporate teams.

Simian Portal servers  2

Deployed web apps  15

Web app end-users  ∞

BASIC plus

✓ Azure/AD integration

✓ LDAP integration



For large businesses, premium support.

Simian Portal servers  4+

Deployed web apps  ∞

Web app end-users  ∞

TEAM plus

✓ 2nd line tech support

✓ Access to app experts


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Consult our experts to explore the possibilities and find the perfect plan for you. Get in touch.

Simian GUI - Built-In Consistency
collaborate and review


In need of captivating Simian apps to fuel your innovation, but:

  • you lack the resources to develop yourself?
  • a complex workflow is holding you back?
  • your app requires integration with other software?
  • your project is stuck at ideation?

Do not give up. Together we get it right. 
Discover our turnkey services.



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